ERIC GAWU: 100 Days As A Fashion Icon

Not many of his peers on the domestic front see deals of this nature but nothing stops Eric Gawu from reaping goodies after his prolific exploits on the football turf.

It’s been 100 days into his role as a brand ambassador for BLAZE COLLECTIONS, an offer he earned for being the club’s top scorer in the 2016/17 league season.

Gawu who scored 13 goals had this to say in a tete’ a tete with

“It’s been three months since I started this role for Blaze Collections and the products are of high quality”.

“I thank God for such an offer, even at Hearts I didn’t get things like these.

“Not everyone would give you such offers, I was very excited when I heard of the deal.

“I pray that the business grows to the level they want and for me, I am really enjoying the complements especially on Sundays. People are giving me positive feedback all over”.

The ambassadorial deal was signed for a duration of one year and has already seen “Gateete” walk away with clothing packages monthly.