FIRST WORDS: James Wiafe Iniesta

Soon after sealing his four year move to the club, James Wiafe Iniesta was on set for a tete ‘a tete with as he speaks for the first time as a player of Dreams Football Club.

Dreams Media: Congratulations on your move and welcome to Dreams FC.

Iniesta: Thank you very much, it’s a privilege to be here.


Dreams Media: Who is your mentor?

Iniesta: I grew up watching Barcelona a lot so I chose Iniesta as my role model.


Dreams Media: Where and how did your football career start?

Iniesta I started playing football at Somanya and my early life was very tough because my father didn’t want me to play but my mum was supporting me.

My headmaster inspired me a lot because he was the school coach, he once told me I had great talent in me so I should not waste it but rather keep on fighting and I will get there.


Dreams Media: Why did you join Dreams FC?

Iniesta: I have heard many things about Dreams and I wanted to play before the offer came in. I wanted to join Dreams because in terms of marketing they can give you a great future. Dreams FC was a team I really wanted join. I see a great future because Dream are interested in building new players and giving them the platform to showcase their talent.


Dreams Media: How will you relate and blend with your colleagues in the team?

Iniesta: As a footballer you have to know all your colleagues so it’s easy to blend with them because if you are good player you can play along with every player.


Dreams Media:  What can you achieve with your talent in the team?

Iniesta: With my talent I know when I show up on the pitch I will make it to the international level.


Dreams Media:  What genre of music do you like?

Iniesta: I love conscious music because it makes me think and meditate well.


Dreams Media: The fans are expecting a lot. What do you have to say about that?

Iniesta: It is normal. Without them we can do nothing. The pressure is normal so that we also perform so it is not a problem.