Players needed aqua therapy session to relax their body – Edward Ansah

It was an unusual setting for training as Manager Karim Zito entered week six of pre-season training with his squad.

The Still Believe lads moved the pre-season workout from land to water as the team was engaged in an aquatic session over a duration of sixty minutes.

It was a moment for some members of the team to also exhibit their potential in the swimming pool much to the admiration of management members present who also took part in the unique exercise.

Assistant Manager Edward Ansah explained the motive behind the change in mode of training on Tuesday morning.

“Having worked very hard for the past six weeks the body has become tensed up and last week we had a lot of games from Thursday to Sunday, the body needs to relax”.

“We call this aqua therapy and it basically aims at getting the muscles relaxed so that the whole body feels refreshed again”.

Dreams FC would engage another lower tier side in it’s 4th friendly in the off season on Thursday morning.