FIRST WORDS – Gilbert Yanskon opens up after new appointment brings to you our all-exciting conversation with newly appointed Technical Manager Gilbert Yankson. Enjoy!


DREAMS MEDIA: Welcome, how do you feel joining Dreams FC?

YANKSON: Great, because when you meet your old folks it’s always the best and I know the mission for Dreams FC is to develop Ghanaian players in totality and market them, transfer them and then better the lives of the Ghanaian youth through soccer development.


DREAMS MEDIA: What is your strength and what do you bring on board?

YANKSON: I am a physical therapist, physiotherapist and a psychotherapist. I am an event man as well, so I am here to learn, add to knowledge and then build knowledge as well to the growth and development of the club.


DREAMS MEDIA: Before joining, what was your perception about the club?

YANKSON: I saw the club to be in good hands. We qualified on merit to play in the premier division, somebody went to CAS and they asked us to back out.  The Directors, President and everybody within and outside Dreams FC never complained about it.  We went and God been so good and realizing our heart and what we are doing for the Ghanaian youth, he brought us back.

So my perception is that the people around and within the club have all good heart towards the growth and development of the club and Ghana football in general.


DREAMS MEDIA: Are you a team player to ensure the objective of the club is pursued at all times?

YANKSON: I am a team player, so anywhere I go, I forget about qualifications and think of what I can do to help the place I find yourself. Forget about your qualification because everybody working around the place that you are going to work has something to offer, so it is up to you to learn from them and also give them yours so that you move in unison.


DREAMS MEDIA: Are you impressed with the club’s style of administration?

YANKSON: I think it’s among the best if not the best. Come and see the office facility. I intentionally went to the training grounds to see the commitment of the technical team, the management team and then the players.

Even those who were late were running towards the grounds, meaning that a certain discipline and influence have been instilled in the players and then adapted to be part of Dreams FC. The knowledge and information given to them is to help them become better then management can also project a positive communication around it.


DREAMS MEDIA: Last words as you get ready to commence your official duties?

YANKSON: Thank you very much, am very happy to have come to work with Dreams FC. I know the Director, manager Karim Zito who played with my big brother and we worked in Feyenord.

I also worked with the Director of Football in Wassaman and we did our things together so I know I have come home. And the players like I said, the worst enemy of every player is the training so if you are able to overcome the training there is no way the coaches will not use you.

With the management I’m also positive because I have been a good friend from afar and I know the kind of support they offer the technical team. With this set up I believe my addition would only take us to greater heights and achieve many more success. Thank you for having me.