Pre Match Presser – Karim Zito expects Sharks to come tough

Dreams FC is set to open it’s return to the Ghana Premier League with a home fixture against an impressive Elmina Sharks side that finished ninth in the league last season and Coach Karim Zito says he’s looking forward to his first win in the top flight on Sunday and is very confident it will happen..

The league which was initially scheduled to kick off last month was delayed after some legal tussles and according to Coach Zito, he is happy to finally cut off the long preseason.

“I’m very happy we are going to start the league because as you know we exceeded our program in terms of preseason so now that the date is fixed we are all happy.”

The build up to the game was a bit sudden as clubs were only alerted on the start of the league on Thursday which was just a few days to the opening day and Coach Zito says the readiness of the players is a bit mixed as physically, they may not be up there but mentally, they are in top shape.

“In terms of physically I would say it’s a little bit on the low but in terms of mentally, they are prepared. About three weeks ago I noticed fatigue in the boys so i decided to cool down their training so they gather more of their energy for the league.”

Coming into this game, the Dreams FC squad has been hit by quite a number of injuries and that Coach Zito feels has disrupted the plans for the game in a way.

“We were hit by a lot of injuries and we now have a lot coming back with the exception of 1 or 2 players and it has had a toll on on my preparations for the game. When you are working with fully fit players it’s different from your regular set that sit on the bench. They can’t give you the 100 percent you want but at the end of the day the mentality is also there.” 

Speaking about the opponents for Sunday, Elmina Sharks, Coach Zito acknowledged their quality and says he looks forward to a tough game.

“It won’t be ver easy for us. I respect their quality. I’ve seen them play and they play just like us so it’s a matter of trying to push them too hard and see how their defenders can stay against our forward line.”

The game will kick off at 3pm at the Theatre of Dreams in Dawu.