FEATURE: How BELIEVER THE MASCOT won the hearts of Hearts

The challenge between Hearts of Oak and Dreams FC for the ST Nettey Memorial Cup was one which took place both off and on the pitch. While the hosts earned the bragging right and the silverware on display during the day, it was Dreams FC’s official mascot who stole the hearts of the home crowd with his special appearance.

In recent times, the use of creative arts to generate hype and excitement for the local game has become the norm as stakeholders continue to unravel the mystery over the growing lack of interest in domestic football.

The script is however being decrypted since the arrival of BELIEVER THE MASCOT on the scene, adding up to the alternatives available for clubs to adopt in raising the gustatory-sensation of the average supporter during match days.

His maiden appearance came along when the huge figure ushered both teams out of the tunnel with the decorated ST NETTEY CUP to the touchline before the two teams lined up for inspection. This attracted a positive reaction from the fans, little did they know Believer’s masterstrokes had not yet taken off in full flight.

In his usual charming green apparel, BELIEVER THE MASCOT traversed the stands, mostly of the home team spending short but memorable moments with them.

During this short spell he mostly handed out assorted items ranging from mobile airtime to cookies in a way of creating that lasting impression with the average football fan.

In the extreme cases, one would consider himself very lucky and perhaps special to have BELIEVER THE MASCOT complete a 15 second dancing routine once a tune was offered to his satisfaction.

Just imagine what these little kids pictured below would be going home with after an encounter with BELIEVER THE MASCOT.

At this point it is evident that creating an impermeable bond between a club and its support base needs interventions beyond the green surface which sees 90 minutes of game action to innovative concepts of owning an official club mascot. A feature that has been non-existent on the domestic front even with the nation’s two most glamorous clubs until Dreams FC, a club that leads the fight for professionalism and modern administrative practices in Ghana football brought it into existence.

In the end, the mascot remains a significant part of the club’s promotional recipe in brand enhancement and social growth.


BELIEVER THE MASCOT was unveiled as the club’s official mascot in February 2018 as the club sought to enhance it’s engagement with the fans even beyond 90 minutes of football action.

BELIEVER THE MASCOT as the name suggests earned the title from the club’s “STILL BELIEVE” mantra.

The mascot makes appearances at almost all Dreams FC official assignments including press briefings and corporate endorsements.