FIRST WORDS: New manager Winfred Dormon speaks

Barely 24 hours after his confirmation as the substantive manager for Dreams Football Club, Winfred Dormon has already made interesting revelations about his new job.

In an exclusive interview with DREAMSFC.COM.GH, he cites teamwork and unity with his yet-to-be named back-room staff is key in achieving the desired goals. Full chat below.


DREAMS MEDIA: Congratulations on your appointment. Your first reaction to this news?

WD: First and foremost I am very glad to assume this managerial position, but it comes with huge expectations, it comes with responsibilities and I believe I have reached that level of my career that I should take this challenge.

DREAMS MEDIA: Were you surprised by the appointment?

WD: Well I least expected to be appointed to this position, but I have been preparing myself and I knew the day will come. Well the first time I went to Proud United I thought I would finish off with the season because they have told an impressive story so far as the tier two competition is concerned but I didn’t expect to leave very soon.

DREAMS MEDIA: What would be key in your era as manager of this club?

WD: My past experience will have a significant impact, don’t forget that I have been consistent with this club since the year 2013. I have been the assistant manager for C.K Akonnor, for Karim Zito, for Juha Pasoja and for Henry Wellington. I also went to assist David Duncan at Olympics, so in terms of experience I believe I have tons of experience to take up this challenge.

DREAMS MEDIA: Your task demands a belief in the youth policy of the club. Are you ready for it?

WD: Yes the responsibility that I have taken comes with that huge expectation because Dreams FC believe in the youth. I have shared enough philosophy, I have shared enough believe but I am not the only one going to do the job.  I have my coaching staff, I believe I will work hand in hand with them and we make sure we hunt the best talents so far the philosophy of this club is concerned.

DREAMS MEDIA: Prior to this confirmation as the substantive manager, you played a stop-gap role with few games to end the tournament, give us a brief on that experience.

WD: The first game was against Inter Allies, it was very difficult because I just had training session or contact with the players for two days so I had to work on their psychic and the players went there and delivered. I was told by the manager who was exiting that the club was playing some good football but the biggest problem was how to put the ball in the net, so I did a lot of finishing drills and it payed off by beating Inter Allies. We created a lot of opportunities but yet again we couldn’t score the number of goals we created. But for us to win 1-0 I think it was a decent result and we had to build up on it.

We played Dwarfs in two games because the first game at Dansoman was rained-off. We managed to win 2-1, it was difficult for us but yet still we won.

Then we went to Karela which was a very difficult game in Anyinase, we controlled the game but yet still we could not score, it was unfortunate that we lost, but we had Hearts of Oak to make sure we end on a good note.

Don’t forget that until we played Hearts of Oak they had won all their games. So I sat with these boys and said yes we’ve had difficult times as far as this competition is concerned but let us make sure we end up on a very high note and the performance was there, we played better and we won that game.

DREAMS MEDIA: Give us one key element you would implore during your tenure a manager for this young but ambitious club.

WD: Getting my back room staff grounded is very crucial. I have believe, I have trust in them and I expect them to give me the necessary support and the necessary elements I need. I have assumed that managerial position but I am going to share my responsibilities so I expect them to give me the needed support and I believe they will do so because I have absolute believe in them.

This club has always believed in excellence and quality so I bring quality and I bring excellence and I hope the coming season will become good to us. Yes it’s not going to be easy because we have big clubs that will be very competitive but Dreams FC will always make sure we will be very competitive in all games that we engage ourselves in that is the league, and the FA cup.

DREAMS MEDIA: A lot of rumors have gone out new additions to the team. Are we to expect a totally different DFC than we’ve seen in times past?

WD: Of course the squad will be strengthened, don’t forget that one philosophy of this club is to make sure that we find quality talent and develop them to meet the European standard.

I have also been told that some of the players will be going and some will also be coming and therefore scouting is something we always believe in.  I will go with my scouting staff together with my back-room staff and make sure we fish out the best talent that will fit our criteria.

DREAMS MEDIA: Your final words as we wrap up this interview.

WD: Well I am happy to be here, and happy to find me in this situation and pray they give me the needed support that will help me to succeed. Yes I am the head trainer and manager but I need the collective effort of everybody. I will make sure I unite this team and take Dreams FC to the next level.

DREAMS MEDIA: We are grateful for your time Sir. All the best.

WD: Thank you, it has been a pleasure.