Dormon begins new chapter as pre-season takes off

He has served the club in different capacities over a period of six years but none have been this crucial to his personal ambitions as a football manager.

Well, Dreams FC manager Winfred Dormon on Wednesday welcomed over 50 players to the UG farms park in Accra to commence pre-season training. Of course the return of the players is least on the bill, but the task handed the ex national team player is what would be under scrutiny when the real action begins on the turf.

In a white team jersey, Winfred together with his technical bench is seen pointing out a few new comers who are yearning to earn a spot in the new squad for the upcoming campaign.

On the other side of the pitch are management members who are present to welcome all members, particularly players to this new chapter.

The mood expressed by the larger majority was nothing short of confidence and zeal as each face gave evidence of a sudden rise in competition for spots in Dormon’s yet-to-be-released 28 man squad.

A welcome address by the club’s top hierarchy and a brief kick-about was preceeded by loud praises and prayer before Assistant manager Djanie whistled to wrap up the season’s first ever training session.

The sun was already up and each yearned to leave but first, Manager Winfred Dormon would sum up “his first day at post” and reveal a few of his pre-season routine before departing.

‘Well I never expected the players to be this fit. I suspect each one of them came prepared and it looks like they have been training at home too. I’m quite impressed”, he revealed.

We probed further to ask how difficult it would be to prune down the numbers to the desired squad size.

‘At Dreams everybody helps in shaping up the team and of course you – while pointing at me – would be here too and can pass judgment over one or two, Dormon said with a broad smile.

“Basically we would keep raising the training regimes until the best remain then we’ll come to the final part of naming the team but for now, we are going to monitor each one of them and see”, the manager summed up.

From where I stand as the interviewer, it is a huge task but then I do believe in the technical abilities of the manager and his crew to produce a winning squad when the dust settles after kick off.

Need to take leave of you now, would return with more updates as we look forward to a great season under a new manager in a year the club marks it’s 10th year of existence. STILL BELIEVE!!!