FRESH & GREEN: Dreams move training to Akropong

Away from the buzz and sounds of the capital, players of Dreams FC had a more serene environment to undertake their training session at the Akropong PTC park on Monday afternoon.

The park becomes the latest preparatory ground in addition to the pitch at the Theatre of Dreams after the entire playing body and technical team of the club moved into residential camping in Dawu.

Located in the heart of the Akropong district, the setting is shielded with high standing trees offering a forest-like backdrop, void of the fuss of artificial human activities.

Players training at the new park

Apart from rich surface it offers for training, the location offers the club an opportunity to improve their presence within the Akuapim zone as brief daily treks between Dawu and Akropong would mean locals would see the team and interact with them more often.

In an interview after the first training session on Monday, Manager Dormon had enough words to describe the new location.

“I find it very conducive for the team and all we’ll have to do is to keep the grass short.”

I like it and there’s no disturbance here, such a wide green turf and allows the boys to have a full session without much worries. When we came, I saw the look on their faces, I think they are enjoying it more than the previous pitch.’’

Training resumes 8am on Tuesday morning.