“A Tale From My Window:” Newly Signed Abel Manomey Pen Down An Emotional Letter To Say Goodbye To His Former Club.

Dreams Football Club newly signed Abel Manomey has said goodbye to his former club in one of the best fashion in football, the striker who has been  committed to domestic football penned down an emotional letter to thank the fans of his former club for the unflinching support during his stay. Manomey in a Facebook post said,


Success is never owned, it is rented and due everyday. The “wonder hub” was a beautiful one with a lot of memories to reflect and share but the biggest success in this journey was to be able to envisage the gift I had and sharing it freely.

It started with a good trail especially with a pre season of 13 goals in 8 games, leading the goal king chart with week 2, 3 and 4 respectively and a lot of reports in the media space about whether the performance of Olympics could stand the test of time.

Hamstring injuries and a fracture, which ended the 2017/2018 Football season journey only after 7 games, starting 5 and coming on as a sub in 2 games, with 5 goals was all that God had planned.

The remaining years were moments where new fresh colleagues you met and had the honor to lead as a captain, training on the sandy and clay field at Mamprobi while we played in Division one was an experience worthwhile.

After turning down the opportunity to join clubs outside Ghana, probably to make thousands of dollars in a month, I still chose the wonder hub, with management giving me all support I needed, trekking from Winneba to Mamprobi thrice every week for training whiles I pursue Mphil Education and play professional football respectively.

Like the adage, “When the applauds are high, that is the best time to leave the stage. A football club who gave me an opportunity to show the world my gift, nurture and develop it to bring out the best in myself, I say thank you.

Gratitude to the chairman of the Wonder Club, H.E Armahkai Amartefio, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Oloboi Commodore and the wonderful management members who helped shape my career for the last 3 years, I say thank you.

To the best coaches of our time, Coach Godwin Attram, Botchwey, Tom Strand, J. E Sarpong, Mboma and Isaac Armah. Your guidance, philosophy and experiences you shared and had with me has been helpful, I say thank you.

To my colleagues who we are now brothers, for those beautiful and tougher times we went through together in the paradise of the wonder hub, life would not have been wonderful, without you not been around. I want to say thank you.

To the teaming fans, who were present on match days most especially, the flavor boys under the tree, whose daily support at the training grounds, advice and encouragement kept players going. I say thank you.

The world is ruled by those who believe and this is the lesson I have learnt at the wonder hub. To the unknown, we move steadily like the tortoise journey with our faith on the cross of Jesus as assistants as He still sees and watches from Heaven with mercy.