Dreams FC launches #DFCcovid19heros campaign to celebrate frontline workers.

Dreams Football Club has launched a social media campaign dubbed #DFCcovid19heros, a campaign aimed at celebrating our frontline workers who are working tirelessly to make the world a better place as we battle this global pandemic.

So Join us as we celebrate our gallant frontline workers through our #DFCcovid19heros campaign.

Each day we will share a picture of a front line worker who has dedicated his/her life towards the fight against the novel coronavirus.

You can also be part of this by sending us a picture and the name of any Frontline worker on our social media handles or by sending us a DM on Twitter (@DreamsFootballC) Facebook (Dreams Football Club) Instagram (@dreamsfcgh) Or post a picture of any Frontline worker in line of duty with the hashtage #DFCcovid19heros and tag us.

Join us as we celebrate our heroes of today.