My players forced Hearts of Oak to pick the red card- Viric

Head coach of Dreams football club has responded to the masses that think his side was able to beat Hearts of Oak because they were a man down saying his players forced the opponent to attract the red card.

Dreams football club on Sunday at the Theatre of Dreams stunned Premier League giants Hearts of Oak by beating them 2-0 and the narration have been endless.

Responding to a section that believes Dreams FC only showed dominance after Hearts of Oak were reduced to 10 men, the Serbian trainer said, “ my players on the day were fantastic, they played so well and we forced hearts of Oak to attract that red card”.

“My players were too much for them to handle so they made mistakes and we got our points genuinely”, he added.

The still believe lads have shaken off celebrations from that victory and had returned to serious business as they prepare to play another tough customer in Asante Kotoko in Obuasi on Saturday, 8th May, 2021.